Spicy Fantasy

Solstice Shield

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True Beasts

It's fair to say Lysa is having a bad day.

She's been sacrificed again - don't ask - but this time, there's no hero to swoop in and save her, and her sorceror fiance is no where to be seen. Three terrifying monsters have demanded Lysa, and the fate of the city hangs in the balance. What's a mayor to do, when it's one life for many?

Given over in chains, Lysa looks for any opportunity to escape while she waits for her fiance to come for her, but the brutish captors she imagined do not materialise. The monsters are almost... endearing. Willing to work together to claim her and keep her, they strive to convince Lysa that living with them has at least a few benefits. Big, hard, and surprisingly gentle benefits.

But what do they want her for, and why do they seem so familiar? Lysa must figure it out quickly, because time is running out; the sorceror is coming to claim what has been stolen from him.

Lysa must find out who the true beasts really are...

A new reverse harem monster adventure with plenty of spice and a guaranteed HEA... eventually!

Phoenix Reborn

Maddy starts work at a new facility as the IT security guru. It works for her - it pays well, and it's good to be back in action recovering from her burns. Turns out, the high salary is to buy her silence. After she sees a prisoner being tortured, she informs the boss, who immediately orders her killed.

Oliver has no memory of the incident where half a city was destroyed and he was the survivor in the epicentre, but when he sees the woman on the other side of the glass, he knows he has to save her. The closer Oliver gets to her, the more his memories return...

Feel the heat of a new series combining phoenix myths with modern urban fantasy. Loaded with high tension, passionate flames and even hotter steam, this book might spontaneously combust!

A guaranteed HEA... eventually!