Fantasy romance

The Thief of Souls: Dark Tides #2

The world is ending. Rory’s going to stop it.

Having spent the last seven years trying to find Darla, Rory is finally close to the fool who dared to steal her away. Or, rather, the god. Hafdan has taken over the Otherworld, but the god’s ambition extends further. Rory seeks to make himself indispensable to his evil plans so he can free Darla.

The world is ending. Darla can’t stop it.

Darla has been used to fuel the magic of a ruthless shapeshifter, kept under the compulsion of whoever holds her pelt. When a familiar face turns up, the shards of love tear her to pieces.

All Rory needs to do is lie and sneak convincingly enough to fool a god. Easy, right? Oh, and escape afterwards, from the most secure fortress in the fae realm. But those are easy feats, compared to winning back Darla’s trust.

But she doesn’t need a hero. She needs a man who can lie, cheat and steal. She needs the Thief of Souls.

Co-authored with Becky James, this fantasy romance is a little dark with a lot of heart.